Over 40 years building experience in the Coffs Harbour area. My client’s satisfaction is my key point where I don’t want to make any compromise or adjustment. I strive to redefine the richness in new home designs and renovations . From the very first meeting to handing you over the keys to your new home, I ensure professionalism in every step of building a new home. Here is a sample of my work from new homes to renovations.
I work closely with G2 Architects and Armstrong Architects and have done so for many years. Why choose us?

1. Clarity in service: we maintain transparency in our services. You will not find any duplicity or hidden clauses in our contracts. When you trust us, it’s our responsibility to respect that trust with utmost care.

2. Utmost professionalism: We stand as the epitome of professionalism and perfection. From creating new home designs to signing the final deal with you, you can see the reflection of professionalism in every step of your home building.

3. Superior quality: I am one of the more established builders; hence we do not compromise the quality of the service we provide our clients with.

4. Premium quality materials: I make sure that all the building materials we will be using for your home building or new home designs, are of the premium quality.

5. Try to use local trades where possible, with tradesmen who have a passion for their industry.

Who We Work With

A Few Questions You Must Ask Your Builder Before Hiring

Generally, a building company distributes the entire job of building a new home among few sub-contractors. So, when you are hiring a reputed construction company, you are actually hiring few local builders. It is important that you should be aware of the list of the builders who are going to build your dream house. Ask for the list of the sub-contractors and check whether they are worth of it or not.
You should know the detail of building materials way ahead of time. The building designs may surprisingly different from what you thought of. Hence it is always advisable to learn about the quality and standard of the building materials the hired company is going to use. They should not be similar like to materials used by common local builders.
A reputed always offers its customers allowance system for construction and building designs. Unlike the package deal offered by the local builders, you can enjoy building your dream house in your own way. Whereas package deal doesn’t let you have a say in everything, allowance system enables you to customize the deal as per your requirement.
Don’t think that you are over-expecting in case you are thinking of asking for a customer reference list from the construction company. After all, it’s your hard earned money they are going to charge you. Contact with the previous clients and get their feedback on the local builders, their skill and reputation.
Even some local builders take the oath of being there beside you from the ground breaking to the home warming ceremony, the reality often tell some different tales. So ask the construction company whether they are going to vanish just after signing the deal or not.
May be the builder handed you over a house showcasing some of the latest marvellous building designs and architectures, but the next month a crack appears on the ceiling. What will happen? Don’t forget to ask these few questions to the local builders before you sign the deal.